Mary Cassatt – Little Girl in a Blue Armchair

I’m a 21 year old student, living in Sydney.

I’m not an expert on anything really. I’ve studied music, philosophy, languages, mathematics as part of my degree, and many other odds ends to satisfy my own whims. If I were to pick out something that I have a degree of specialisation in it would of course be music, I have the best part of a degree in the subject. But the bounds of my curiosity are as yet unknown.

Perhaps a little about the tile of my blog, One Little Explorer, I think the main ‘message’ behind it is that this is a place where I make assertions that I will necessarily hold to forever, but rather just document my particular feelings at any one time. Also, I think, it is to remind ourselfs- myself – to be modest. A saying that my father has repeated often, to the point where I can roll my eyes and sigh if he even thinks of it, is that that larger the island of knowledge, the longer the shoreline of the unkown. And I think it holds true.

So there is a bit about me and my blog.