An Expedition Begins

by Gerard

Pierre-Auguste Renoir – A Girl With a Watering Can

Hello Reader! Welcome, I hope you enjoy passing through here on your own little adventure. This is a blog primarily for my thoughts on music, which range from philosophical discussions about just what constitutes music, or a part of music, to posts about how we should study music, to posts about anything else to do with music or anything else applied to music. So quite broad.

About me? I’m a Classical Guitarist/Music Student/Philosophy Student/Insatiable Intellectual Dabbler from Australia and I’m just about 21 years old.

The first few posts I have moved here from my personal blog, Vestigial Thoughts, if you like what I say here, you may like what I say there, though it is in quite a different vein. So again, welcome, I hope you’ll gain something from being here and I look forward to your contribution!